Donor Advised Funds offer you active participation by allowing you or your appointed advisors to recommend charitable organizations to benefit from your fund. You receive immediate tax benefits and can advise on grants for nonprofits you want to support over time.

Designated Funds allow you to identify a specific or multiple nonprofit organization(s) to receive support from your fund. Should that organization ever cease to exist or should its mission no longer agree with your interest, HCF will re-direct the grant distributions to organizations with similar purposes.

Scholarship Funds provide deserving students with financial support for education they might not otherwise receive. Scholarships are designed with your specific interests in mind – you can help define the guidelines for candidate selection and award use.

Agency Endowment Funds are established by nonprofit organizations as a means of protecting charitable dollars for the future. A nonprofit, whether large or small, can better spend its time pursuing its mission and fundraising, while leaving the management and investment of the fund up to HCF.

Field of Interest Funds allow you to support a broad area you care about most, such as health care, education, arts, the environment or any other host of areas that peak your interest. You specify the field and rely on HCF to identify local organizations that will make the greatest impact and meet the most pressing needs within your discipline.

Unrestricted Funds give you the opportunity to identify and respond to emerging and changing community needs. You place no restrictions on how your contribution is to be used, leaving those decisions to HCF.

Operating Funds are established to support and sustain the core operations of HCF and help it further its mission.

Deferred Gifts include bequests, pooled income funds, life estates, charitable lead trusts or charitable remainder trusts – all of which HCF can help you establish in partnership with your estate planning attorney, CPA or financial advisor.