Because community foundations reflect the changing nature of their communities, they are often as different from one another as the communities in which they exist. The mission or focus of a community foundation will change depending upon its philosophy, stage of growth, and size of the organization.

HCF prides itself on the value it places on every member of the community – regardless of socio-economic status, background or position. Whether you are a Henderson resident who wants to help someone in need, a person of means who wants to leave a lasting legacy, or represent a nonprofit in need of financial support, HCF values you and the contribution you are making in our community.

The Henderson Community Foundation is guided by the following vision, mission and core values:


To lead Henderson’s evolution into becoming the
most compassionate community in America.


To provide resources and support to improve the
health, education and quality of life in the community.

Core Values

We value integrity, compassion,
accountability, knowledge, and commitment.