Laird Noble Sanders, Owner

Lake Mead Boat Storage

Laird Noble Sanders, a valley resident of more than 35 years, is the owner of Lake Mead Boat Storage in Henderson and has been in business for 19 years. He obtained his degree in business from the University of Oregon. Laird is a past president of the Henderson Development Association, a member of the chamber’s Political Issues Committee (IMPAC), chair of the HDA Issues Committee, and has been a member of the HDA Economic Development Awards Committee for the past three years.

He is also the past president of the North Las Vegas Chamber and Foundation Boards and past president of Jaycee Health Park Foundation. He is on the Salvation Army and Touro University Boards. Laird was voted Chamber Member of the Year in 2007 for his commitment and dedication to the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. Also was named Private Sector awardee at the HDA Economic Development Awards.